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The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) Dominates the Kansas Legislature -
It's Time to Drain the Swamp of these ALEC-gators

by JoCo MoveOn

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is a non-profit tax exempt front group disguised as a charity that arranges secret meetings with non-elected lobbyists and state legislators to write model legislation that benefit corporate special interests without the public's knowledge.

Kansas Senate President Susan Wagle Kansas Speaker of the House Ray Merrick

ALEC's influence in the Kansas legislature has grown like a cancer and in 2014; more than 98% of the ALEC extremists control the Chair positions in the Senate and House. Thirty percent or about 50 legislators are members of ALEC including the Speaker of the House, Ray Merrick (R-Stillwell) and Senate president Susan Wagle (R-Wichita) who serve on the board of directors.

The nineteen chair positions in the Senate during 2014 were all controlled by ALEC members. The twenty one chair positions in the House were all controlled by ALEC members.

This means we have two legislatures.

  • One is the ALEC ‐Secret legislature who represents corporate special interests.
  • The other in the non-ALEC legislature that represents the voters of Kansas; but this legislature has no power to control what bills are presented and passed.

Kansas voters are sitting on the sidelines and their voice is not being heard. This must change. More than 27 ALEC inspired bills have been introduced in recent years beginning with the ALEC inspired Trickle Down tax cuts for more than 330,000 business owners that caused an $800 million shortfall in income during fiscal year 2015.

This past year the corporate special interests got what they wanted with passage of the school block grant, KPERS pension reform, removal of K-12 teacher's due process, corporate tax credits to allow scholarships for private schools, and the 'innovative school districts' bill allowing up to 21 districts to operate without the oversight of the Kansas Board of Education which is a first step to privatizing our public schools.

The mission of ALEC is to take away voters rights. ALEC is helping corporate America control the policy making process in every state with no opposition or outrage. There is a libertarian conspiracy to impose corporate-control on all aspects of American government that will generate lavish corporate profits at the taxpayer's expense.

It's time to drain the swamp. Ask everyone you know. Do you know what ALEC is doing to our democratic process in the state of Kansas? I can guarantee you that 99 percent of Kansans will have no clue what you are talking about. This is why we are here online and out in the community to make enough noise to wake up the voters of Kansas before it's too late.